Video Conferencing & Recording in Teams

What Is It?

Instructors can create live video calls within Microsoft Teams to give lectures.

Who Can Use It?

Instructors at Montana Tech.

Where Can I Access It?

First, open up Teams and select the Team that you wish to start a video conference with. For example IThelpdesk.

Second, in the "Posts" tab, click the video icon labeled "Meet Now".

A dialog box will open up asking if you want to add a subject. This will be the title of your video conference. If you have a video input, you have the choice of making the call a video call instead of an audio call. If you want to start the conference now, click "Meet now". If you instead want to schedule a meeting for later, click "Schedule a meeting".

If you are scheduling a meeting, fill in the information in the dialog box that pops up. If you wish to make this a reoccurring meeting, change the setting "Does not repeat" to however often the meeting repeats.

To record the video conference, click "Start recording". To show/hide chat, click "Show/Hide Conversation". To share your screen, click "Share" and whatever you would like to share with the conference.


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