File Management in Teams

What Is It?

This article will show you how to manipulate files in Teams

Who Can Use It?

Montana Tech Instructors and Students

How to use it?

How to upload and manage files.

In teams, you can create folders, word documents, Powerpoints, etc..

It's pretty easy you go to the file section in your team then click the dropdown in "new"(red box picture below)

if you already had files made and just want to upload them you hit the upload option next to the "new" button 

If you or a student want to download one of the files you can do that as well with the download option

You will click left of the file you want to select it(green box below). Then you will want to click on the three dots (red box below) and in the new drop-down select download.

Searching within teams

You can search a few ways within teams. You can organize by name a-z, z-a, etc..(red box below)

you can search by modified date(green box below) or who by modified it(teacher or student)(yellow box below)

If you have any problems with teams please let us know at 406-496-4244.

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