How to add assignment and grading features in teams

What Is It?

There are certain tabs and feature you can use within teams

Who Can Use It?

Montana Tech Instructors

Where Can I Access It?

First, open your team and then you will see the plus icon on top by all your tabs. Please click on the plus icon.

Next, you will have a new window and will want to click more apps.

After that, another new window will show up. You will want to click in top left search bar and type in assignments. (green) {you will instead do grades when you want to install grades}

After you search you will see assignments(red) then click on it. Do NOT click on the 3 dots.

It will then open up a final window and you will click the down arrow (green) and then add to teams (red). You may be asked if you want to add a bot channel select yes.



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