Course Summary and Wrap Up Best Practices

What Is It?

Addresses the opportunities students are given to summarize the semester, establish the connection between this course and other courses, and prepare to start the next phase of their program/progress.

Who Can Use It?

Montana Tech Instructors

How to use it.

  1. Provide students with opportunities to ask questions ass a form of closure and to give insights into their accomplishments.
    1. Use a discussion board for closing questions and observations.
    2. Have students reflect on their progress and accomplishments.
    3. Engage with students in wrap-up activities as a means of validating their participation and achievements in the course.
  2. Give students feedback about their overall learning and progress in the course.
    1. Give summative feedback on student progress over the term.
    2. If students were given a pre-class survey or assessment, this is a good opportunity to highlight their growth during the semester.
  3. Use a Likert scale survey to gauge how well student expectations and learning aligned with the objectives and outcomes of the course.


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