Montana Tech Grab and Go Online Learning Best Practices

What Is It?

The following documents are intended to provide guidance on implementing an online course that meets generally recognized best practices for delivering online instruction. The documents are broken up into sections for each type of best practice, and are organized so that both essential and optional objectives are available.

Who Can Use It?

Montana Tech Instructors

How Can You Do It?

These guides are intended to give you the basic concepts for quality online teaching in a small easy to digest package. These are not exhaustive lists nor do they go into much detail beyond the concept itself.

These are based upon the work of the California State University system and their attempt to build and organize a set of best practices generally accepted in the online learning community as being necessary to best meet student needs in online and hybrid courses. The Quality Learning and Teaching guidelines are also available in a rubric format. For the purposes of quickly disseminating these guidelines at Tech, they are broken down into areas that represent major objectives.

These objectives are:

  1. Course Overview and Introduction
  2. Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning
  3. Instructional Materials and Resources Utilized
  4. Students Interaction and Community
  5. Facilitation and Instruction
  6. Technology for Teaching and Learning
  7. Learner Support and Resources
  8. Accessibility and Universal Design
  9. Course Summary and Wrap-up

It is not the intent of these documents to enforce a structure for online learning course delivery and layout. These tools are intended to assist faculty in incorporating basic practices that help enhance learning for students in their specific situations. Since each course and program utilizes online instruction differently, questions and ideas about how to implement them will arise. These questions can be routed to Kathy Stevens ( or the IT Help Desk - (406) 496-4244.


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