Remote Access to Computer Labs

Need to use a computer in a computer lab from off-campus?

  • Verify a class is not currently in session in the computer lab you would like to use on 25Live
  • If you are enrolled in the class that is currently in-session, work with the instructor to determine which computer you should connect to
  • Before Class - TEST to ensure the software you need will work over Remote Desktop
  • Be AWARE computers in these labs are scheduled to auto-reboot at 2 AM nightly

Computer labs available for remote desktop:

NRB 228 -

SE 308 -

ELC 315 -

MG 102 -

Windows Instructions:

  • Navigate to the link for the lab you need
  • Click connect on the computer you wish to use
  • Run the file
  • Log in using the same username & password you use to log into MyMTech.

Mac Instructions

  • Download Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 from the App Store
  • Launch Microsoft Remote Desktop 10
  • Then in the menu at the top of the screen click "Microsoft Remote Desktop"

  • Click on the Gateways tab
  • Click on + in the bottom left corner
  • Fill the boxes with the information below then click add
    • Gateway Name:
    •  Friendly Name: RD Gateway
    • User Account: Use PC Account
  • Click on Connections then "Add PC"
  • Then enter the PC name as found from the "Computer labs available for remote desktop" list below  (Example "NRB228-LAB00.butte.campus")
  • Now from the Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 window, double click on the New Connection you just created
  • You will then be prompted to log in, use your Montana Tech credentials with MTECHS\ before the username (Example "MTECHS\bsmith)
  • You should now be connected to the lab 


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