Alumni Accounts

What is it?

Once you Graduate from Montana Tech, you become an Alumni and have the option to opt-in for a lifetime account.

Who Can Have it?

Users who have ever been employed at Montana Tech are not eligible for an alumni account. Also, users must have attended Montana Tech for at least two semesters or Highlands Colledge for at least one semester. Additionally, they must not register for classes for a year.

How Do I Get it?

After a student is no longer enrolled at Montana Tech for three semesters, they will begin to receive emails asking if they would like to keep their account. These emails will continue to be sent periodically for ninety days. After ninety days of not opting-in, the users account will be permanently disabled. To opt-in, they only need to follow the instructions in the email and their lifetime account will be created. If the alumni account is left inactive for 6 months, the account will be removed.

PLEASE NOTE: When a lifetime account is created, the user will lose access to One Drive and their Microsoft Office license. Please copy any relevant documents from One Drive before opting-in for a lifetime account.


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