Best Practices to Follow When Emailing


Faculty and staff will use the campus app (MyMtech) to send and receive university communications. The app allows everyone to receive messages via a Connect (announcement), push notifications, or email. In the new campus app, there are two main methods of communication. They are:

  • Connect (announcement) can be posted using either the Messaging tool (available from the Communications menu for select individuals) or by posting a message in the ‘What’s on your mind’ area of the Connect widget.
  • Messaging tool allows a notification to be sent to groups/users via email, Connect (announcement), and/or notification with one message. Users need to request specific access for this capability.

The Connect (announcement) widget is where you will find Lost and FoundUniversity Property, and Personal Items Available. The all-campus email system will no longer be used for these types of emails.

Events should be posted to the web calendar, not emailed out. (ex. Graduate Defense announcements)

Who can post to connect?

Category Name Category Administrator Audience
Emergency Marissa Morgan, & Amanda Badovinac All Users
Academics Registrar All Faculty, Staff & Students
Associated Students of Montana Tech ASMT All Faculty, Staff & Students
Career Services Sarah Raymond All Faculty, Staff & Students
Dining Stacie Breitzman All Users
Faculty Kat Fitzgerald-McCormick, Casey Vanatta, Payroll, Leslie Dickerson All Faculty, Staff & Bureau
Giving Shannon Panisko All Users
Health Tara Kloker, Amanda Badovinac, Marissa Morgan, & Matt Stepan All Users
Information Technology Jennifer Simon, Alan Christensen, & Casey Vanatta All Faculty, Staff & Students
Jobs Vanessa Van Dyk, & Cathy Isakson All Faculty, Staff & Students
Lost & Found All Users All Users
Personal Items Available All Faculty & Staff All Faculty & Staff
Staff Kinsley Rafish, Reanna Lange, Payroll All Faculty, Staff & Bureau
University Property Layne Sessions All Faculty & Staff

Email Best Practices

When sending emails please remember.

  • Use the BCC line when sending to mass email groups

  • Consider your audience - does everyone on the email need the information?

  • Do not hit “Reply All” unless every member on the email chain needs to know.

  • Try to respond in a timely fashion - within 24 to 48 hours.

  • Don’t use complicated, cartoony, or handwritten type fonts. They can be seen as unprofessional and are often hard to read. We recommend using the fonts Calibri or Verdana.

  • Include the Montana Tech signature, found on Montana Tech email signature (

  • Do not include personal images in your email signature.

  • Avoid using stationary or background images.

  • Avoid using emoticons, jargon, slang, or shortcuts to real words.

  • If using an image within your content, be sure to include a caption accessible to screen readers.

  • Always include a subject in your email messages.

  • Don’t get mistaken for Spam; avoid using all caps, all lower case, web URLs or exclamation points in your email subject line.

  • Lastly, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call instead of writing an email, especially when you need to explain several different things. The most important thing to remember is that every email you send from a Montana Tech account represents the entire campus, not just you.

Weekly Email News Letter

  • Look for the Weekly Update which will be sent to campus every Monday to keep you informed and updated about campus happenings. The Update will include news, events, reminders, and tips.  The Marketing & Communications Department will publish the newsletter. Items to be included in the following Monday's Weekly Update must be emailed in a word document to by the end of the day on Wednesday before the edition goes out. Items will be selected based on their applicability to the campus and available space within the document.



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