Alcohol EDU, Sexual Assault Prevention, & Transit

What Is It?

Alcohol EDU, Sexual Assault Prevention, & Transit are mandatory courses that cover alcohol abuse, preventing sexual assault, and managing finances.

Who Can Use It?

Any new student to Montana Tech must complete Alcohol EDU, Sexual Assault Prevention, & Transit. Additionally, anyone with a Montana Tech account may request to enroll in the courses.

Where Can I Access It?

The link to the Alcohol EDU, Sexual Assault Prevention, & Transit courses can be found above the course list after logging into MyMTech.

Logging in to EverFi the first link list under Courses in which you are enrolled

If a popup blocker is being used, the page might seem to refresh when trying to access the courses. A link will appear above the course list that allows entry into the Alcohol EDU, Haven & Transit courses.

A new message is displayed at the top of the Learning Portlet if you are using a popup blocker.

Having Trouble?

If you are having trouble with the modules please try a different web browser and Clearing Your Cache & Cookies



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