Changing Computer and Network Policies

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What Is It?

It is recognized the policies contained herein are subject to change as technology, campus mission and organization, and economic priorities advance. To ensure that these policies are kept up to date and reflect current needs, this statement of policy is necessary.

Changing Computer and Network Policies

The policies contained within this document are subject to change in technology, campus mission and organization, and economic priorities, among other influences. To ensure that these governing policies adequately reflect the current needs of the institution, policy review and modification (as needed) shall occur at least once a year, though changes may be proposed and implemented at any time.

The following procedures must be followed to ensure that necessary changes in policies have the authority and support of relevant campus entities. Such entities include, but are not limited to, students, staff, faculty, and administration.

The primary entity responsible for monitoring such changes it the Telecommunication Committee, whose membership includes all the above groups.  The annual policy review and proposed changes shall be initiated by this committee, in discussions that are open to all members of the campus community. This committee must approve all changes. No proposed changes shall be approved by the committee unless they are deemed by Network Services to be operationally feasible. As needed, the committee shall request budget/finance and academic/administrative reviews.

After completing a thorough review of existing policies and proposed changes, the committee shall send the updated document to the Chancellor of final approval. If the Chancellor chooses to consult resources outside the purview of the committee, he may do so at his discretion.
Annual approval of the reviewed and updated policies shall be indicated by the signature of the current committee chair and Chancellor. This signature sheet shall reside with a master copy of this policy document that is maintained on behalf of the committee by Network Services. The current policy document shall be available for all users via the Montana Tech website.