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I.T. Announcements

Thu 8/6/20 12:00 AM
There will be an internet outage Friday 8/14 between 2 am and 8 am. All internet access to and from campus will unavailable. For details click on the MyMTech announcement.
Wed 8/5/20 12:00 AM
Meta courses are a way for instructors to reduce redundancy in their courses.This allows instructors to post material only once, and to grade all the students in the same course. 1 course to maintain vs several!
Mon 8/3/20 12:00 AM
We can help you navigate everything Moodle. Whether it's to show you how to add your profile picture, how to build your grade book or creating a secure quiz...we got you! Please fill out the form from the link or contact the I.T. Help Desk to set up a ti

Maintenance Window

All Services: Sunday between 3:00am to 11:00am is reserved for non-routine maintenance on all Montana Tech Core Network Service Hosts. We reserve the right to, without prior notice, take down any service for maintenance during this time. Not all services (service hosts) are taken down each Sunday between 3am and 11am nor are they always unavailable for the full duration of the maintenance window, however... You should still refrain from scheduling ANY critical work during this time.

Upcoming Maintenance

There are no additional outages scheduled.