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Online Learning

Moodle, Web Conferencing Tools (Zoom, Skype, Teams), Best Practices

Accounts & Passwords

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Physical Facilities

All KB's for Physical Facilities

Email, Calendar & Shared Mailboxes

Folder and File Sharing. Creating Email Groups, Forwarding & Replies. Scams

Classrooms and Computer Labs

Podium Instructions. Printing Information

Software & Applications

25Live, Office 365, Course Evaluations, Clearing your Cache, Converting Videos, DocuSign, Faculty/Staff Address Portlet


CRNs, EverFi Courses, Announcements, Class Missing, DiggerCash

Wireless & Wired Network

Wired & Wireless Networking



I.T. Policies

Montana Tech Network Policies, Personal computer Device Support, State Telephone Policies

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How to Favorite a Service

How to favorite services and access them.

I.T. Organizational Chart

A flow chart of Montana Tech I.T.