Finding an Open Lab

What Is It?

LabFind is a remote access dashboard that is a central access point for students to remotely connect to campus computers. Students can also see which programs are available in a certain lab and how many computers are available in the lab as well. 

Who Can Use It?

Anyone with a Montana Tech account

Table of Contents

  1. Open Computer Labs on Campus
    • List of available labs on campus
  2. Install and Set Up LabFind
    • These steps show you how to install the LabFind app on your movile device
  3. How to Use LabFind
    • This section shows off all of the features LabFind has to offer


Open Computer Labs on Campus

LIB: 100, 200

SSC/LLC: 3.105, 3.132E

CBB: 001

MILL: 114A (Veteran's Computer Lab)

MUS: 101, 204

Main: 201, 205, 310, 314

ENGR: 204, 205

SE: 308, 321

HSB: 104

MG: 102, 201

ELC: 315

NRB: 125, 228

NRRC: 114

HC: 124, 126, 128, 131, 144, 145/146, 155

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Install and Set Up LabFind

Please follow the instructions below on how to Install LabFind on your mobile device:

Step 1: Go to your desired app store on your mobile device and look up "LabFind":

Install the app and accept any permissions upon opening the app.


Step 2: When prompted to, enter your mtech edmail address and select "Get Started":


Step 3: You will need to verify your account on your mtech email address. Note: The confirmation email may automatically appear in your junk folder, so if you don't see the confirmation email where your normally see messages, be sure to check your junk folder:

Once you click the "Confirm your account" button, you're all set and you are free to use the LabFind app.

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How to Use LabFind

There are three sections on the bottom of the home screen that you can navigate through. Home, Computers, Apps:



Allows you to search for any lab by building name, number, and application:



Breaks up each lab either by lab or by hardware:


 The "By Lab" section allows you to see the closest labs based on your location, the least busy labs at that moment, and the labs with the latest hours open in the day:

If you scroll all the way down, you can select "View All Labs". This allows you to see every lab that's currently open on the both the North and South campus:


The "By Hardware" section allows you to have a more filtered search of the labs available based on the hardware available in the labs:



Allow you to filter the labs available based on the applications you need to use:

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