Student Education Software

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What is it?

There are many pieces of software used for various majors at Montana Technological University that students can access for free as long as they are a current student.


Who can use it?

Any active student at Montana Technological University.


Table of Contents

1. AutoCAD



Access AutoDesk's Student and Education Software page. Click "Sign In" in the top right. Then, click "Create Account".


Create an account using your Montana Technological University email address.


Once you have created your account, make sure you are signed in, and go to Products -> AutoCAD.


From AutoCAD's page, select the" Download Free Trial "option.


In the popup that appears, select "As a student or teacher" in the dropdown menu, then click "Go to education community" at the bottom of the window.


You will now be taken through the process of verifying yourself as a student. Fill out all fields you are presented with, and you will then be taken to a page of products available for free with your education account. Find AutoCAD in the list of products and select "Get product", then "Install". Follow the installation instructions.


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