Auto File Install Intructions

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What Is It?

Auto File provides an easy way to batch or bulk scan documents, with indexing and preview tools all in one place. You can even pull over and file batches from a networked copier. 

It allows for scanned or imported documents to be automatically indexed based on information presented in an active ERP solution screen. So no matter if you’re in accounting, student services, personnel, payroll, AP, procurement (or any other business area) you can now quickly and easily scan and file documents without having to type a keystroke.

Who Can Use It?

Montana Tech Faculty

Where Can I Access It?

Step 1: Map a drive to \\etrievehybrid\Launch$ (You will want this drive to reconnect on logon since the config file will need to be accessed whenever the tools are)


Step 2: Execute \\etrievehyrid\Launch$\AutoFile_information\AutoFile Client\AutoFile_Client.msi. Follow the Setup Wizard, keeping default options.


Step 3: When you launch AutoFile for the first time, you will need to enter this string under Select Data Service…:  net.tcp://

Note: Step 3 is only needed to be done one time


Step 4: For Autofile to work – you MUST use Microsoft Edge – OR use Google Chrome with the accessibility settings while using Banner (you CANNOT have any other browser open)

  • Chrome or Edge need to be set as your default
  • To set the accessibility settings in Chrome – the easiest way is to add this switch to the users shortcut  --force-renderer-accessibility. When asked “You will need to provide administrator permission to change these settings” – Select “Continue
  • For example: 


Step 5: Execute \\etrievehyrid\Launch$\Launch\AutoLaunchforEtrieveInstaller.msi. Follow the Setup Wizard, keeping the default options.


Step 6: When prompted for a config file - point to \\etrievehyrid\Launch$\ autolaunch_2022.alx. Please use the file on the shared drive – copying it locally will prevent the user from receiving future updates


Note: When using you have to double click ‘Launch’ which is the little rocket in the system tray – AND it takes what seems like forever to come up. It is very convenient once it is up and running. Should find the Rocket in the right-hand side of your task bar from the Up Arrow:


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