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What is It?

A step-by-step guide to creating a Work Order using Accruent/FAMIS. All current Staff and Faculty at Montana Tech have access. This form is best tackled with a top-down approach because selections you make early on influence what you can select further down the form.

Note: Any field with a red asterisk mark () is a required field.

How to Create a Work Order in Accruent/Famis

Step 1:

Navigate to UM Famis portal using following link:

Step 2: 

Sign in with your NetID and password.

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Step 3:

Navigate to the Create Request tab.

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Step 4:

In the property section, select the building in which you are requesting a service.

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Step 5: 

Select the appropriate floor from the dropdown menu.

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Step 6:

Select the appropriate room number from the dropdown menu labeled "Space."

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Step 7: 

Select a Type from the dropdown menu.

  • Note: All work requests should fit into one of these general categories.

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Step 8:

To further refine the nature of your request, select a Sub Type from the dropdown menu.

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Step 9:

Select a Priority from the dropdown menu.

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Step 10:

Please provide a description of the order in the "Describe your Request" text box.

  • Avoid starting with phrase like “May I please have someone fix...” Instead, use a brief 20-character summary, like "DHC102 LIGHT OUT."
  • Provide a detailed description so that we know precisely what it is you are requesting.
  • For an example, refer to the figure below.

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Step 11:

Verify all contact information in the "Who is making the request?" section.

  • The default contact settings are retrieved from the Banner User record.

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Step 12:

You now have the option to add yourself as a watcher. If you wish to be a watcher select, "Add Myself as a Watcher."

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Step 13:

If you would like to receive notifications regarding your work order request, check the box under "Notification?"

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Step 14:

If needed, complete the "Requested Completion Date" section for when the work should be completed.

  • Include the "Requested Completion Date" in the description section.

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Step 15: 

Navigate to the Accounts slider, then select "Add Banner Index and Account."

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Step 16:

To add a new account string select "Add New."

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Step 17:

In the pop up screen, start at the top and enter your Index number in the Banner Index field.

  • If you are unsure on how to complete this section, please reach out to your department head.
  • If you are having any problems, please email the work order desk ( or call 406-496-4168 and provide your NetID and contact information.

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Step 18:

You will likely see some combination of the Index, Fund, Org, and Program fields populate once you’ve made your selection. 

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Step 19:

Enter your account information in the Account field, then select "Add."

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Step 20:

Your account string is now created. You will notice a "percentage" area. This allows you to allocate charges to multiple account strings simultaneously. 

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Step 21:

To assign a parent work order, choose "Select Parent."

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Step 22:

To assign a child work order, choose "Select Child."

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Step 23:

Select "OK" to submit your work order request.

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