A guide on how to fix an issue with Student Self Serv or Faculty Self Serv Landing Page

What is it?

This is a guide to users to resolve a bug that they may run into. For whatever reason, if the language setting is changed and/or not set to the correct setting it leads to a different/broken landing page.

Who is affected by this?

Students and faculty have both been affected by this issue.

This document should be available to anybody. Usually what happens is that the student/faculty runs into a problem, asks either the business office/registrar/financial aid for assistance, and then they reach out to me. It would be nice to have a document that I am able to forward to them that has the steps to resolve the problem.

Details on the subject:

Issue: When the language setting on the student/faculty self service landing page isn't set to 'English (United States)', users are brought to a site that doesn't have any of our links and can't do anything.

Fix: In order to fix this issue the user needs to click on the settings icon in the upper right corner of their screen. Select the 'Language Settings' item. In the drop menu, search for English (United States). Select it. Save it. Sign out and back in.

Those steps should resolve the problem. If they are still having issues with the issue, then they should reach out to banner services/create a ticket.

Steps to resolve:

Step 1: Click on settings icon near the top right


Step 2: Select 'Language Setting' from the drop down


Step 3: Select/Search for the following: 'English (United States)'


Step 4: Save your selection


Step 5: Sign out and back in

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