Create Department Groups for Email

What Is It?

Department groups can be used to email contacts within a department without having to manually add each individual

Who Can Make It?

Montana Tech staff and Faculty.

How Do I Make It?


  1. Select Address Book 
  2. File -> New Entry -> New contact group 
  3. Add Members -> From Address Book 
  4. Ensure Global Address Book is Selected                                             
  5. Choose Advanced Find
  6. Enter Title – (wild card Is automatically used for the end 
  7. Highlight all results and press enter
  8. OK
  9. Enter Group Name (ie, SR – BIT students)
  10. Repeat the process starting at step 10 if you want to if you want to add others to the group
  11. Save & Close
  12. When sending an email,  When searching the address book, be sure to select Contacts, then you will see your distribution list.


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