Table of Contents

  1. Adding Files from OneDrive to Moodle
  2. Accessing OneDrive in a Browser
  3. How Do I See Who I'm Sharing a Document With?
  4. How Do I Share a Document with Everyone?
  5. How Do I Stop Sharing a Document or Folder?
  6. How Do People Find Documents that I've Shared with Everyone?
  7. Share a Document or Folder
  8. Using the OneDrive Application

Adding Files from OneDrive to Moodle

Step 1: Log into Outlook through your browser.

Step 2: Click on the 3x3 grid of dots into the top left corner and select OneDrive:


Step 3: There are two ways to get content into your OneDrive: 

1.) The easiest way is to drag and drop the file into your one drive. It will likely be sorted automatically by alphabetical order.

2.) You can also click on "Upload" and the top and select whether you want to add a file or a folder:

Select the desired file/folder from your computer.


Step 4: When the file is uploaded a pop up box will tell you that you uploaded your file. Click on the blue button that says "Share Link":

Another pop up box will appear to the left. It will ask you who you want to share the link to but all you need to do is select "Copy Link":

A confirmation box will show that the link has been copied successfully. This is all you need to do on Outlook.


Step 5: Now go into your Moodle course and turn editing on. This can be done by clicking the gear icon in the top left corner and selecting "Turn editing on":



Step 6: Find the week that you want to add the file to and click on "Add an activity or resource":

At the bottom click on "URL" and select "Add":



Step 7: Fill out the information and in the External URL paste the link that you copied from Outlook:

Now when the link is clicked it will open up Outlook you can view the file/video.

Accessing OneDrive in a Browser

In Browser OneDrive

You can also look at all your content in your OneDrive through a web browser.

  1. At the top left of the main Montana Tech webpage, click the 'Email' button and log into your email.


  2. Once into your email, click the 3x3 grid button at the top left.


  3. From the menu that appears, click the 'OneDrive' button.

  4. This will access your OneDrive where you can make any modfiications that you could in the desktop version inside your web browser.

Tip: You can save any attached Word documents to your OneDrive as long you are logged into your email account. They will then be available in OneDrive and accessible from any synchronized devices.

How Do I See Who I'm Sharing a Document With?

  1. Select the More menu (...) next to the document you’re interested in to open its hover card. The names of the people with whom you're sharing the document appear on the hover card.

  2. If you're sharing with more people than whose names will fit on the card, select the more link at the end of the list of names. You can scroll the list to see all names.


Tip: If the library you're working in has a Sharing column, you can select the people icon to open the Share dialog box.


How Do I Share a Document with Everyone?

In OneDrive for Business, the way to share is click on the share button at the top of your screen in onedrive online.



Then a pop up will appear and you will enter their Montana Tech emails.


Now you should have shared it with the right people.

How Do I Stop Sharing a Document or Folder?

To make a document or folder private again, you can stop sharing it.

  1. Select the people icon for the document or folder to open the Share dialog box.Share icon for a document shared with two or more people

  2. In the Shared With dialog box, select Can view or Can edit next to the person you want to stop sharing with, and then select Stop sharing.The Stop sharing command in the Share window in OneDrive for Business:

How Do People Find Documents that I've Shared with Everyone?

Documents you share with everyone don’t appear in their Shared with Me view in OneDrive for Business. Why not? Consider that depending on the size of your organization, there might be hundreds if not thousands of documents that are shared with everyone. Also, you may not want to send a share invitation email to everyone in your organization.

Instead, people can find these documents by:

  • Following a link you send them directly in an email. You can find any document’s web URL in its document callout.

  • Copy and paste the URL into an email addressed to specific people you want to notify.

  • Using their Search box in OneDrive for Business. In this example, Molly Dempsey searches on the keyword “Court Cases” to find any relevant documents shared with her in her organization.


Share a Document or Folder

  1. Go to OneDrive for Business or the site library that has the document or folder you want to share.
  2. Select the file you want to share, and then select Share.

  3. In the Share dialog box on the Invite People tab, type names or email addresses of people you want to share the document or folder with.

  4. Select a permission setting.

  5. If you want, type a message to be included with an email that’s sent to all invitees. The email includes a link to the shared document.

  6. If you don't want to send an email, click Show Options, and then uncheck Send an email invitation.

Using the OneDrive Application

You can use OneDrive to backup data from your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders by default. You can also add any other folders you would like. OneDrive automatically backs up your data to the cloud the moment you save it. With OneDrive you can also access your data remotely from home or other computers if you log in with the OneDrive app or via the web with your Montana Tech credentials.

  • Click on the Windows button and in the start menu select OneDrive
  • If nothing pops up on your screen, look in the bottom left corner by the time and single click on the grey cloud with the slash through it.

  • Click on sign-in
  • Enter your Tech e-mail and click Sign In
  • Click Next
  • Click Next through the next 3 screens
  • Click Later (you can install the OneDrive app on your phone to access your documents
  • Click “Open My OneDrive – Montana Tech Folder”
  • Your OneDrive Folder will open
  • Right click on the blue cloud in the bottom right corner by the time
  • Right click on the blue cloud in the bottom right corner by the time
  • Click the Backup tab
  • Keep the default folders checked (Desktop, Documents, Pictures) and click Start Backup. Note: if the Documents folder says it cannot backup because of a .pst file and asks you to move it, do not move it. We are currently researching how to resolve this issue. You may still sync your Desktop and Pictures in the meantime. Please let me know if you run into this error and we can fix it when we find a solution.

To Download OneDrive for home use (if it is not already installed)

  • Go to OneDrive download site
  • Click on “Need to reinstall? Download OneDrive.” This will start downloading a file you can open in your download folder.
  • Application installs very quickly. Will say that OneDrive is preparing for first time use and will load with grey cloud with slash through it in notification area. Continue set-up like above.


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