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Adding Content, Assignments, Forums, Quizzes, Setting Up and Managing Workshops, File Submissions, Questionnaire, External Tools, Using Feedback, Grading Assignments
Using OneDrive.
Sharing your screen in Teams, Zoom, Skype for Business
Instructions on how a student can submit assignments on Moodle.
What is Moodle? How to access your Moodle account. Links to useful pages
Everything you need to know about the Moodle Gradebook!
An Office 365 group is a space for team collaboration. It comes with a shared mailbox, calendar, library, OneNote notebook, and planning tool.
This article pertains to everything related to your course setup in Moodle. Layout of the Course. Adding Blocks. Pages. Navigation. Profile Information, Proctorio, Backup, Import
Moodle Reporting and Statistics
Chunking refers to the strategy of breaking down information into bite-sized pieces so the brain can more easily digest new information. The reason the brain needs this assistance is because working memory, which is where we manipulate information, holds a limited amount of information at one time.