Locked Account

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What Is It?

Montana Tech user accounts can get locked after so many failed attempts to log in.


When changing your mtech.edu password you must be sure to also change/update the password on any and ALL devices where your account is used.

This includes:

  • Email on your mobile device
  • Eduroam/Guest Wi-Fi on your mobile device or laptop
  • Saved browser passwords (MyMTech, Moodle, etc.)
  • The Xbox in your dorm room
  • Etc.

The IT Department/Help Desk does not have the ability to identify non-mtech.edu devices that may be using your credentials to authenticate, nor do they have the ability to stop the lockouts from occurring. It is the user’s responsibility to maintain and secure their mtech.edu credentials on any device they logon to.


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Thu 9/9/21 11:38 AM