Using Microsoft Teams

Table of Contents

1) Create a Microsoft Team

2) How to Access and Use Microsoft Teams

3) Video Conferencing & Recording in Teams

4) How to Add Members to Your Team

5) How to Add Assignment and Grading Features in Teams

6) How to Manage Roles and Security in Teams

7) File Management in Teams


Create a Microsoft Team

Users cannot create their own Montana Tech-affiliated Microsoft Team. To have a Team created, please click the "Request a Team" button or click on the link below and select "Request a Team":


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How to Access and Use Microsoft Teams

Step 1: Microsoft Teams can be accessed or downloaded through Office 365. First, navigate to the online Outlook client.


Step 2: Navigate to the top right corner and click on the 9-dot icon. To access Teams online, click the Teams icon. To download Teams on a PC or Mac, click the Teams icon and then click the download icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. To download Teams on a mobile device, search for "Microsoft Teams" on the app store and download the mobile app.


Step 3: You will then be brought to the Teams homepage and you are free to navigate accordingly:

For information on how to use Teams, please consult these video tutorials from Microsoft.

For more detailed information on screen sharing, please visit this article.


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Video Conferencing & Recording in Teams

Step 1: Open up Teams and select the Team that you wish to start a video conference with. For example, the IThelpdesk.


Step 2: In the "Posts" tab, click the video icon labeled "Meet Now".


Step 3: A dialog box will open up asking if you want to add a subject. This will be the title of your video conference. If you have a video input, you have the choice of making the call a video call instead of an audio call. If you want to start the conference now, click "Meet now". If you instead want to schedule a meeting for later, click "Schedule a meeting".


Step 4: If you are scheduling a meeting, fill in the information in the dialog box that pops up. If you wish to make this a reoccurring meeting, change the setting "Does not repeat" to however often the meeting repeats.


Step 5: To record the video conference, click "Start recording". To show/hide chat, click "Show/Hide Conversation". To share your screen, click "Share" and whatever you would like to share with the conference.


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How to Add Members to Your Team

Step 1: Go into your desired team and click on the three dots on the left side panel. Then select "Add member":


Step 2: You will then be prompted to add the members. If they are within the Montana Tech system you can go ahead and type their name and they should pop up, just click on their name to add them to the list. However if they are not in the system, just go ahead and type their email address:

You can enter multiple people at one time. Once you have the desired members you want to add click "Add" then click "Close".

To manage the roles of the members you've added please click here.


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How to Add Assignment and Grading Features in Teams

Step 1: Open your team and then you will see the plus icon on top by all your tabs. Click on the "Plus" icon:


Step 2: A new pop-up will appear, select "More apps":


Step 3: Another pop-up will appear. Click in top left search bar and type in assignments. (green) {you will instead do grades when you want to install grades}

After you search you will see assignments(red) then click on it. Do NOT click on the 3 dots:


Step 4: Click the down arrow (green) and then add to teams (red). You may be asked if you want to add a bot channel select yes.


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How to Manage Roles and Security in Teams

Step 1: Enter your team that you'd like to manage the roles for. On the left side of the screen, right across from your team name you'll see three dots:


Step 2: Click on the three dots and you'll see a drop-down menu appear. Click on "Manage team":


Step 3: You will see a list of options at the top of the Teams page. Click on "Settings". Then expand the "Member permissions" menu:


Step 4: Adjust the permissions as you see fit.


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File Management in Teams

How to upload and manage files.

In teams, you can create folders, word documents, Powerpoints, etc..

Go to the file section in your team then click the drop down in "new"(red box picture below):

If you already had files made and just want to upload them you hit the upload option next to the "new" button.

If you or a student want to download one of the files you can do that as well with the download option

You will click left of the file you want to select it(green box below). Then you will want to click on the three dots (red box below) and in the new drop-down select download.


Searching within teams

You can search a few ways within teams. You can organize by name a-z, z-a, etc..(red box below)

you can search by modified date(green box below) or who by modified it(teacher or student)(yellow box below)


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