How to Submit a Salaried Contract Professional (Yellow) Timecard on Etrieve

What Is It?

Etrieve Forms is an electronic from solution that allows student and employees to review, approve, deny, comment, and re-route forms as needed, eliminating the need for paper. 

Who Can Use It?

Montana Tech Students and Employees

Where Can I Access It?

Log into Etrieve using your Montana Tech credentials here. 

  • How to fill out a time card
How To Fill Out A Time Card

Step One:  Select 'Forms', then select 'Timecard-Yellow-Salaried Contract Professional & Faculty Leave Card'

Step Two: Once the timecard loads, fill it out accordingly. Ensure all of your populated information is correct. 

If your credentials don't automatically populate in the 'Employee Information' section, try refreshing the page; it should populate afterwards. 


Step Three: 

Select the pay period that you're going to be filling in leave time. Make sure the date is correct.  

When selecting the leave type, click or tap on the drop down. When filling out for the specific leave during the selected period, make sure your hours are filled correctly. For each leave type, you need to press the 'Add Date or Time Type' for each needed leave type during the pay period.

What to do if the time card is returned to you? 

The pay office may reject an incorrect time card, in which case you will be notified that it has been returned to you. If this is the case, start by viewing the history of the time card, as a comment may have been left explaining why it was rejected.

How to view the history of a time card

You may view the history of a time card by clicking the "History" button along the bottom of the form. This will show you who the form has been routed to previously, as well as any comments that have been left by another person in the workflow.


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