Commisioner's TikTok Directive

Tags TikTok Ban

The Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education directs the following:

  1. TikTok may not be installed or used on any MUS or university-owned devices, including but not limited to desktop computers, laptops, iPads, or cellular telephones. If TikTok is currently installed on any MUS or university-owned device, the application must be immediately removed from the device.
  2. Campus Chief Information Officers (CIOs) shall block access to TikTok on MUS wired and wireless networks.
  3. University-administered TikTok accounts must be suspended.
  4. Campuses may provide exceptions to this directive for necessary education or research related purposes upon approval of the campus CIO.


Article ID: 148684
Wed 1/18/23 2:11 PM
Wed 1/18/23 2:21 PM