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Montana Tech Network Policies, Personal computer Device Support, State Telephone Policies

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Acceptable Use Policy

Guidelines for use of the computing systems and facilities located at, or operated by Montana Tech

Commisioner's TikTok Directive

According to the Commissioner of Higher Education, TikTok is to be banned from use on Montana university campuses & devices.

Escalation Procedures for Security Incidents

This procedure describes the steps which are to be taken for physical and computer security incidents which occur within the Montana Tech facility.

Incident Handling Policy

Procedures for dealing with computer security incidents

Montana Technological University Account Procedure

Outlines the overall Account and Retention policies at Montana Tech.

Network Connection Policy

This policy describes the requirements and constraints for attaching a computer to the Montana Tech local area network (LAN). All devices connected o the Montana Tech network must meet minimum-security requirements.

Personal Computer Device Support Policy

In response to the increasing number of support requests made to Information Technology (IT) regarding personally owned computing devices (POCD), Montana Tech IT has established an official POCD support policy. The purpose of this policy is to define the support options available for personally owned computing devices.

Software Piracy

Whether you call it borrowing, copying, sharing or "fair use," software piracy is illegal and puts Montana Tech's students, faculty and staff, as well as the college itself, at risk for legal action.

Special Access Guidelines

These guidelines outline the many do's and do not's of using special access accounts. Special access is defined as having the privilege and password to use domain administrator accounts.