Using the University of Montana Data Warehouse (UMDW)

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What Is UMDW?

The University of Montana Data Warehouse (UMDW) is a database application that allows users to see budget information for their departments or programs.


Who Can Use UMDW?

If you believe you need access to UMDW, download the UMDW application here: UMDW Application

You can also click the PDF on the right hand side of this article under "Attachments".

Once completed, email the form to Generally, this will be done by your supervisor.


Where Can I Access UMDW?

UMDW is accessed via a desktop application on your computer. If you do not see the UMDW icon on your computer's desktop, you will need to request the application to be installed on your computer by filling out a software installation request here: Service - Computer Support Issues or ... (


Using UMDW for First Time Users

Upon launching UMDW for the first time, there are a few initial screens that you will need to go through.

1. Look for the UMDW icon on your desktop, shown below.

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2. Upon opening the program, you will be presented with the following warning. You can accept the warning by clicking "Open".

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3. Next, you will be presented with two screens: a license agreement and a privacy notice, both shown below. Both can be closed with the "Accept" and "Close" buttons, respectively.

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4. Next, you will be presented with the UMDW login screen. However, before using the software, you must first dismiss the security warning across the top of the screen by clicking the "Enable Content" button, shown below.

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5. Lastly, you will login using the UMDW login screen, shown below.

- Within the Data Source Name (DSN) box, enter "UMDW.WORLD".
- Your User Name is your University of Montana NetID. If you don't know your NetID, see the Troubleshooting UMDW section below.
- Your Password is not the same as your NetID password for accessing CyberBear. Your initial UMDW password should have been provided by UM. If you have forgotten your UMDW password, see the Troubleshooting UMDW section below.

After entering your login information, click "Login". After your first login, the DSN and your User Name will be auto-filled in the application when you launch the program in the future.

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Using UMDW for Returning Users

1. Open UMDW using the icon on your desktop, shown below.

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2. If you have accessed UMDW previously, the DSN and your User Name should be auto-filled.

3. Click "Login" or "Re-Link".


Troubleshooting UMDW


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