Start a New Group Conversation In Outlook For Desktop

What is it?

Group conversations are stored in the group's mailbox, separated from individual members' mailboxes. The messages in the group inbox are displayed in a list view, which includes members' photos to visually show the contributors to the conversation.

You can start a new conversation with the group members or reply in-line to a message. Conversation details are displayed in the reading pane, organized from oldest to newest messages for easy reading.

Who Has it?

Anyone with a Montana Tech account.

How Do I?

Create a new conversation
  1. Choose a group on the left hand side. 

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  2. Select New Email on the upper left corner of the ribbon.

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  3. Notice the group's alias is automatically added in the To line.

  4. Type your message and select Send. All the members of the group will receive your email.

TIP: You can also send an email to a group from your main Outlook Inbox, just like using a distribution list. Just add the group's alias in the to line in your email.

Reply to an existing message
  1. To reply only to the sender, right-click a message and select Reply. Your messages is sent only to that person, and not the group.

  2. To reply to the group, either right-click the message and choose Reply all, or type in the Add a message box in the reading pane and select Send.

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TIP: If you like a message, select the like button on the right side of the message to show your support.

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Creating a Group Conversation on Outlook Web App

Having a group conversation is similar to having an email thread but only group members participate. You can start a new conversation with the group members or reply inline to a message. Conversations are stacked in your group inbox, and when you select one, you'll see the original message plus all the replies in sequence from oldest to newest.

Group subscribers will also receive conversations in their personal inboxes. Learn more about subscribing to a group.

*This article applies to groups in Outlook on the web (Office 365). If you're using groups in Outlook 2016, see Start a group conversation in Outlook 2016.

How do I get it? 

Create a conversation

  1. In the navigation pane, under Groups, select your group.
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  2. Select Send Email and create the email as you would a normal email.

Tip: You can also send an email to a group from your personal inbox. Just add the group's alias in the To line in your email.

  • Add a subject and type your message.

    If guests are part of your group, you might see a message that some recipients are outside of your organization.

    If the admin has restricted guest access to group conversations and calendar invitations, you'll see a message telling you that group members outside your organization won't receive the message.
  • Select Send.

Reply to a conversation

  1. Select the Conversation.

And at the top of the reading pane or to the right side of the email, select Reply all.

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Tip: If you like a message, select the Like icon to show your support.

Forward a conversation

  1. Select a message in the conversation. 
  2. And at the top of the reading pane, select Forward to forward the message, or click the other two forward button options as shown on the screen.

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  3. Type the recipients' email addresses and your message to them.

  4. Select Send.

Delete a conversation

Only group owners can delete conversations. How do I know if I'm a group owner?

  1. In the message list, right-click the message you want to delete.

  2. Select Delete.

  3. Select OK to confirm.

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