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The most important thing to remember is that every email you send from a Montana Tech account represents the entire campus, not just you.
Additional mailboxes add on to your normal inbox and function as a mailbox shared between multiple users.
This article shows you how to add users to your safe sender list.
Forwarding allows you to send all their email in one inbox to another email address. That way, you can manage multiple accounts' emails from one inbox.
The majority of shared files for your groups are stored in a dedicated document library on OneDrive for Business, but you can also access additional shared and followed documents that you may need to further collaborate with your group.
Clutter is an intuitive feature that helps you filter out low-priority mail.
Accessing your Montana Tech email account.
A group calendar is a shared calendar where you and every member of your group can schedule and see upcoming events. You can also share the events with other groups in your school or workplace.
Having a group conversation is similar to having an e-mail thread but only group members participate. You can start a new conversation with the group members or reply inline to a message. Conversations are stacked in your group inbox, and when you select one, you'll see the original message plus all the replies in sequence from oldest to newest.
Add the Academic and Event calendar to Outlook.
Group conversations are stored in the group's mailbox, separated from individual members' mailboxes. The messages in the group inbox are displayed in a list view, which includes members' photos to visually show the contributors to the conversation.
Find email headers to help I.T. debug your problem.
You can save an email from Outlook or Office365 to your computer.
Find email headers to help I.T. debug your problem.