Accommodation Software - Read & Write

What Is It?

Montana Tech offers disability accommodation software to assist students, faculty, staff, and alumni with disabilities.

Who Can Use It?

Anyone with a Montana Tech account.

Where Can I Access It?

Montana Tech provides access to a license of Read & Write Literacy Software. Read & Write offers many features such as text to speech and typying from audio.

To download Read & Write, visit the Text Help website and select "Get your free 30 day trial".

Quick reference guide here

After the file downloads, open it and select "Accept and Install". This will install the software to your computer.

Now the Read&Write software should be found with your other programs. When running the software for the first time, you will see a screen with the option to log in with a Microsoft account.

Select this option and use your Montana Tech email address and password to login.


Screen Masking

Step 1: To enbale screen masking, find the monitor icon at the toolbar at the top. If you hover your mouse over it, it should say "Screen Masking". Go ahead and click on that icon:


Step 2: Once you click on the icon your screen will have a blue tint to it. On the bottom right corner click on the gear icon to enter the Screen Masking Settings:


Step 3: A settings menu will pop up. For this example we will be showcasing the "Underline cursor" method. Select that option:


The Underline cursor allows you to see a horizontal line across the screen that follows your cursor. This feature is handy for reading large test documents online to help prevent skipping lines, for example:



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