Creating Rules

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What Is It?

Rules are used to manage the user's inbox. They can be created to delete all emails from a specific sender, or they can sort emails into folders based on the sender. Rules are versatile and can cut down on the need for manually managing the users inbox.

Who Can Use It?

Anyone with an email account.

How Do I Use It In the Outlook App?

To create rules in the outlook app navigate to the home page. Select the email with the element you want to base the rule off of. Then click Rules/Create Rule.

Creating Rules 1

Select what rule you want to create.

Creating Rules 2

Click advanced options to access more chioces for rules.

Creating Rules 3

How Do I Use It In Outlook Web Access?

To create rules in the browser version of outlook click on the settings icon in the top right and then on "View all Outlook Setings"

Creating Rules 4

Select the Mail/Rules section of the settings. Click "add new rule."

Creating Rules 5

Add the desired conditions and actions.

Creating Rules 6


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