How to Take a Screenshot

What Is It?

There are a variety of ways to take a screen shot in Windows. This article goes through each of the prominent ones.




Who Can Use It?

Anyone with a Windows computer.


Method 1 (snipping tool)

Press the Windows key in the bottom left of the keyboard, and type "Snipping Tool" in the search bar.


Click on "New", then click and drag your mouse to select the desired screen shot area.


The, either click the Save icon in Snipping Tool, or press CTRL + S on your keyboard to save the screen shot to your computer.


Method 2 (pasting from clipboard)

Press ALT + Print Screen (sometimes written as PrtScn).

Image result for keyboard print screen button highlighted


This will take a screen shot of your entire screen and copy it to the computer's clipboard.

You can access the screen shot by opening a program like Microsoft Word and pressing CTRL + V to paste the image in the Word document.

You can save the screen shot to your computer by right clicking the image in Word and selected "Save As Picture".


Method 3 (pasting from clipboard shortcut)

On your keyboard, press Windows + SHIFT + S.

Click and drag your mouse to select the screen shot area.

As with Method 2, open Microsoft Word and press CTRL + V to paste the screen shot.

Finally, right click the image and select "Save As Picture".


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