How to Use TeamDynamix

What Is It?

The new software & ticketing system used by the I.T. Help Desk

Who Can Use It?

Any Montana Tech Students, Faculty, and Staff

You will see more articles and services after you sign in.

Where Can I Access It?

Using the hamburger menu on the Montana Tech home page choose the Tech Support option.

TeamDynamix (Tech Support)


1. Have a question about information technology? Head over to the Knowledge Base, browse through the categories or view the recent and popular articles. You'll find how-to guides, training resources, troubleshooting information, common questions, information about ongoing problems and more.

2. Need to request something? Head over to the Services, browse through our services or view the popular services.

3. What is a Ticket? When you "Request Service" or "Report a Problem" a new ticket in created, containing all the relevant information such as: how to contact you, correspondence related to the request, specifics about the nature of your request, and information on the progress made on your request.

4. Not finding what you're looking for? Click the "Search the client portal" box at the top and perform a quick search. Click on the globe to the left of the search box to limit your search to just the Knowledge Base or Service Catalog. Make sure your are signed in, some articles will not be available to the public.



The Services Section of the site is where users can Request a Service or Report a Problem to the help desk.  To do so navigate to the section you need assistance with.

Then select the specific sub-category you're inquiring about

Then, If the provided information doesn't answer your question or fix your issue, click, "Request Service" or "Report Problem."

After selecting the "Request Service" or "Report a Problem" action button, you may be asked to enter your authorization credentials (username & password) and then the form will appear. Complete the form and your ticket will get sent to the help desk.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base Section of our site contains detailed information on many topics.  To use the knowledge base simply click on it from the homepage, and then navigate to the category you have a question about.

Search Bar

Users can use the search portal to find the topic they're looking for.  Ensure that full and specific words are used when searching for a topic.  Users can also search for specific areas of the site.  Click the drop-down menu on the right to do so.

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