How to check for rules in your Email

What Is It?

This is how you can check your email for rules. It is a good thing to check if your account got compromised.

Who Can Use It?

Anyone with an email.

Why do you do it?

Checking to make sure rules you didn't make is one of the steps we advise when your account is compromised. 

Step 1:

First, log into your email through the portal. This is through the Montana Tech website or

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Step 2:

Next you will want to click the gear icon in the top right.

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Step 3:

Next you will want to click "view all outlook settings".

It will be in blue text and you may have to scroll down.

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Step 4:

Next you will want to click on 'Rules' it will display like the following. 

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Step 5:

Please make sure it is blank like the one below. Unless you made some for yourself.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Step 6:

Additionally, check your sweep which is right below rules. It should also be empty unless you have some made yourself.

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The final step in stopping a compromised email account is changing your password.

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