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Scams, Phising and Email Security

Everything you need to know about email security, scams, and phishing.

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Automatic Replies

Forwarding allows you to send all their email in one inbox to another email address. That way, you can manage multiple accounts' emails from one inbox.

Creating Rules

Rules are used to manage the user's inbox. They can be created to delete all emails from a specific sender, or they can sort emails into folders based on the sender. Rules are versatile and can cut down on the need for manually managing the users inbox.

Focused Mail

Clutter is an intuitive feature that helps you filter out low-priority mail.

How to Add a Sender to the Safe Senders List

How to add users to your safe sender list on Outlook.

How to Attach the First Email in a Conversation

When phishing/spam messages are sent, I.T. will need the first email in the conversation for its contents as well as headers.

How to Import and Export Your Emails

Microsoft Outlook allows you to export and import your emails into a .pst file. Using this process, you can transfer emails from one address to another.

How to Save an Email / Find The First Email In A Sequence

You can save an email from Outlook or Office365 to your computer.

Logging Into Email

Accessing your Montana Tech email account.

Manage Directory Photo ID, Email Archive, & Email Signature

Montana Tech employees have the option to enable Exchange Online Archive. Exchange Online Archive, when enabled, gives you an additional 50GB of archive storage.

Shared Mailboxes

Additional mailboxes add on to your normal inbox and function as a mailbox shared between multiple users.

Subscribing to Montana Tech Calendars in Outlook

Add the Academic and Event calendar to Outlook.