My Courses Are Missing

The Issue:

It takes 24 hours after registration, for your course information to be automatically pushed to the MyMTech system. If that time has past and you still cannot see the course you are registered in.

Possible Cause:

 If you have been registered more than 24 hours, check to see if you have any courses that are hidden.

If you are an instructor verify with Enrollment Processing that you are the primary instructor for that course within BANNER.

To display any hidden course(s) click Options at the top of the Moodle Learning module.


Then in the dropdown, click Edit


Select the YES button if you would like to be able to view the course in your Moodle Learning module and the NO button if you would like the course to be hidden.

Finally, click the Update Selections button at the bottom left of the module to confirm these changes.


How can I get help?

Select the "Request Service" button

Report A Problem

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