What Is It?

MyMTech is our portal to many services, you can find links to your courses, announcements, and many other valuable tools.

Who Can Use It?

Employees, Register Students, and Admitted but not yet registered students.

Where Can I Get It?

On a computer at or on your phone by downloading the MyMtech app from the app store

Use the "Report a Problem" button to tell us about an issue.

Installing The App On iOS

  1. Go to the App Store and in the search bar type in "MyMtech"
    Search for MyMtech on the app store
  2. Touch the “GET” (if this is the first time you are getting the app) or the Cloud if you had it before to directly download it or touch the name to show more info of the app.

    When you are in the details page click on the “GET” or cloud next to the MyMtech Icon at the top of the page.

Installing the App on Android

  1. Open the Google Play Store and search for "MyMtech"

  2. Touch MyMtech by Montana Tech

  3. Touch the Install button and it will be added to your phone.


Report a Problem

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It takes 24 hours after registration for your course information to be automatically pushed to the MyMTech system. If you registered longer than 24 hours ago and the course has already started, contact the I.T. Help Desk. If you have been registered more than 24 hours, check to see if you have any courses that are hidden.
A CRN stands for Course Reference Number. It is five-digits long, and is assigned to each section of a course.


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