Compromised Account Training – Mandatory

What Is It?

This service is for people who know are have reason to believe that their Montana Tech account has been locked. You need to contact the I.T. Help Desk., verify your identity and walk through steps to unlock your Montana Tech account.

What is going to happen next?

I.T. will take several steps to help you through this process:

  1. Reset your password.
  2. Remove any mailbox delegations
  3. Disable any mail forwarding rules to external domains and remove any mailbox forwarding properties.
  4. Please See Additional Information Below

Who Can Use It?

Anyone with a Montana Tech account that feels like their account has been locked.

Where Can I Get It?

Use the "Report a Problem" button on the right.

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Mon 10/25/21 11:19 AM
Mon 10/25/21 2:57 PM