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Grab and Go Accessibility and Universal Design Best Practices


  1. This section addresses course adherence to accessibility and universal design principles that are critical to some learners.
    1. It is a good idea to have your syllabus link to the Montana Technological University Accessibility Policy. The accessibility page can be found here:
    2. Disability services information can be found here:
  2. Communicate how you proactively support the wide range of the learning styles and abilities of all students, as opposed to just making reactive accommodations for those with registered disabilities.
  3. Provide the campus compliance information (listed above) and the Learning Management System accessibility statement and/or provide a link to the institution's disability services and Learning Management System accessibility information.
    1. Moodle accessibility information can be found here:
  4. Course materials created by the instructor or from external sources are in formats that are accessible to students with disabilities.
    1. Text formatting and organization, link, and colors accommodate assisting technology.
    2. Images have descriptive text for alt tags.
    3. Links are descriptive of the their purpose, not simply “click here”.
    4. Documents such as Word and PDFs are accessible.
    5. Audio and video are accessible through the use of captioning or providing scripts as alternatives.
  5. 3rd party software is accessible.
  6. If a resource or activity is not accessible, an acceptable alternative should be provided.


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