Learner Support and Resources

What Is It?

This addresses the program, academic, and/or technical resources available to learners. Though you may not play the direct support role, you should be aware of potential issues and promote what is available to support students.

Who Can Use It?

Montana Tech Instructor

How do you do it?

  1. State your role in the support process.
    1. In the syllabus, outline what you can/are willing do in terms of support. Sometimes it is easier for the instructor to act as a go between for solving issues depending on what they are.
    2. Provide a basic description of the services available for support and include them, with links, in your syllabus.
    3. Even if the course is online, include campus resources that apply. Students, though taking courses online, may be willing to come to campus for help.
  2. Course documents should introduce non-technical support available online and on campus.
    1. Be an advocate for services for students and make them aware of what they have access to.
    2. Provide information on disability services, writing assistance, and tutoring in your syllabus or on a separate document.
    3. Consider adding links to non-academic services as well, such as advising, counseling, and mentoring.
    4. Include any live links to support services when possible.
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