Focused Mail

What is it?

Focused Mail is a feature that helps you filter out low-priority mail. Your high-priority mail remains in "Focused" while your low-priority mail is sent to the "Other" inbox.

Who Has it?

Anyone with a Montana Tech email account

Table of Contents

How do I use it?

Focused Mail on the Web Browser:

Step 1: 

Log into the Outlook web app at:

Step 2:

On the top right corner of the page, go to Settings

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Step 3:

On the Navigation bar on the left select Mail -> Layout. Then at the top you will see "Focused Inbox". Select whether you want to separate emails or not:

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Focused Mail on the Desktop App:


Step 1:

Open up the outlook app, click on the view tab, and then on the Show Focused Inbox button.

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Note: This will only show up if you have your inbox open

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