How To Enable Exchange Online Archive

What Is It?

Montana Tech employees have the option to enable Exchange Online Archive. Exchange Online Archive, when enabled, gives you an additional 50GB of archive storage. The archive storage is accessible through Outlook and the Outlook web app. You cannot access the archive storage through mobile devices such as a phone or tablet. By default, any emails older than 2 years will move from your primary mailbox to the archive storage. You can change the default archive setting on individual folders to archive more frequently (1 year) less frequently (5 years) or disable archive for a folder (never move to archive). You can also drag email messages from your primary mailbox into the archive location. The search functionality will search both your primary mailbox and the archive location.

Who Can Use It?

Montana Tech Employees

Where Can I Access It?

If you would like to enable Online Archive, please go to your Montana Tech Profile page, select that you would like to enable Online Archive and click Save My Choices.


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