What Is It?

Moodle has several built in methods of navigation, such as breadcrumbs and the navigation drawer, and course administration.

Who Can Use It?

Anyone with access to a Moodle course.

Where Can I Use It?

How Do I Use Breadcrumbs?

The navigation bar near the top of your screen provides clarity about 'where' in the course you may be at any given time. This is called a breadcrumb bar and your bar may look similar to the image shown below.

You can always click on previous links to find your way back to the main course page.

How Do I Use the Navigation Drawer?

The navigation drawer appears on every page of the site. It contains an expanding tree menu which includes "My Home", "Site Pages", "My Profile", and "Courses". What appears in the navigation block depends on the role of the user, where they are in the Moodle site, and any settings that have been applied globally.

The Class Name:  Named "ITDept" here, takes you to the home page of the course

Participants: Shows all students and the instructor of the course

Badges: Not usually relevant in our version of moodle

Competencies: Not usually relevant in our version of moodle

Grades: Navigates to the User Report of the users grades in the course.

Some of the Navigation Drawer buttons have links which can be expanded or collapsed.

My Home: This takes the user directly to their personal dashboard.

Site Pages: This expands to show pages and resources available site wide, for example, user blogs and a calendar. Any items which have been added to the front page, such as resources/activites from the Main Menu block, or the Site News will also appear here.

My Profile: This expands to allow regualr users to view (and, if allowed, edit) their profile, view their forum posts, view and add blog entries, messages, and acces their private files.

My Courses: This expands to show courses the user is enrolled in.


Dashboard: In the Navigation Drawer click on the dashboard option:

Your courses will appear under the "Course overview" section. Click on any of these links to get to the main home page of the desired course:


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