Taking a Quiz/Test in Moodle

What Is It?

Many courses will require students to take online quizzes/tests.

Who Can Use It?

Montana Tech Students

Where Can I Access It?

Click into the quiz in Moodle.


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This will pull up the page pictured below.

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1. Is the quiz title and description.

2. The date in Moodle the quiz closes.

3. This is the amount of remaining attempts on the quiz.

4. Some quizzes/exams will have a required password set by the instructor. You will need this to answer any questions.

5. This shows the grading scale, and method.

6. This table will show the previous or current attempts that you've made. If you haven't started your firs attempt, this table will not be there.

7. If you have a current attempt, you can click this button to jump back in.


Once you enter the quiz, you should see a display similar to the following:

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1. Is the info block. This will show the question's number, and its point amount. There is also an option to flag the question, which is used to communicate an issue to the instructor.

2. Is the question block. This will show the question itself, and how you should answer.

3. Is the quiz navigation block. This will show all the questions in the quiz/exam, and will change to include a greyed square if the answer is saved. Clicking one of these boxes will take you to the appropriate question.

4. Is the button to save your answers. This will automatically save any answers throughout the attempt, and bring you to the attempt summary page.


The attempt summary page should resemble the following:

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1. These are the status of each question answered. As you can see, the blocks in the Quiz Navigation block are now shaded, and the answers are listed as saved in the table. Unanswered questions will be marked as such in both.

2. These buttons are to manage your quiz. Return To Quiz will return you to the quiz, while the Submit button will bring up a small prompt to confirm your submission. 


After fully submitting your quiz/exam, you will see the attempt get updated back in Figure 1. Depending on how your instructor has set up the quiz/exam, you may or may not be able to review or see the grade of it. 


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