Taking a Quiz/Test in Moodle

What Is It?

Many courses will require students to take online quizzes/tests.

Who Can Use It?

Montana Tech Students

Where Can I Access It?

Click into the quiz in moodle.

This will pull up the page pictured below.

1. Is the quiz title and description.

2. The date in moodle the quiz closes.

3. This is not common, but instructors can set passwords for quizzes.

4. The amount of attempts allowed and the button to start the quiz.


Once you start the attempt begin to answer the questions.  You can use the navigation icons on the top right to go to any specific question on the quiz.  The questions that have been answered appear a darker gray.

Once all questions are answered, click "Finish Attempt" at the bottom.

From here you can go back and change an answer or totally submit your attempt.  To do so click "Submit and Finish."

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