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 Guidelines for use of the computing systems and facilities located at, or operated by Montana Tech

Acceptable Use Statement For Montana Tech Computing Resources

This document outlines guidelines for use of the computing systems and facilities located at or operated by Montana Technological University. The definition of Montana Tech computing systems and facilities will include any computer, server or network provided or supported by Montana Tech. Use of the computer facilities includes the use of data/programs stored on Montana Tech computing systems, data/programs stored on magnetic tape, floppy disk, CD ROM or other storage media that is owned and maintained by Montana Tech. The “user” of the system is the person requesting an account (or pre-generated account) in order to perform work in support of a Montana Tech program or a project authorized for Montana Tech. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that all Montana Tech users (scientific users, support personnel and management, and students) use the Montana Tech computing facilities in a effective, efficient, ethical and lawful manner. Montana Tech accounts are to be used only for the purpose for which they are authorized and are not to be used for non-Montana Tech related activities. Unauthorized use of a Montana Tech account/system is in violation of Section 799, Title 18, U.S. Code, and constitutes theft and is punishable by law. Therefore, unauthorized use of Montana Tech computing systems and facilities may constitute grounds for either civil or criminal prosecution. In the text below, “users” refers to users of the Montana Technological University computing systems and facilities.
  1. The Montana Technological University computing systems are unclassified systems. Therefore, classified information may not be processed, entered or stored on a Montana Technological University computing system. Information is considered “classified” if it is Top Secret, Secret and/or Confidential information which requires safeguarding in the interest of National Security.
  2. Users are responsible for protecting any information used and/or stored on/in their Montana Tech accounts. Consult the Montana Tech User Guide for guidelines on protecting your account and information using the standard system protection mechanisms
  3. Users are requested to report any weaknesses in Montana Tech computer security, any incidents of possible misuse or violation of this agreement to the proper authorities by contacting Montana Tech Network Services.
  4. Users shall not attempt to access any data or programs contained on Montana Tech systems for which they do not have authorization or explicit consent of the owner of the data/program.
  5. Users shall not divulge Dialup or Dialback modem phone numbers to anyone.
  6. Users shall not share their Montana Tech account(s) with anyone. This includes sharing the password to the account, providing access via an .rhost entry or other means of sharing.
  7. Users shall not make unauthorized copies of copyrighted software, sound recording or video formats except as permitted by law or by the owner of the copyright.
  8. Users shall not make copies of system configuration files for their own, unauthorized personal use or to provide to other people/users for unauthorized uses.
  9. Users shall not purposely engage in activity with the intent to: harass other users; degrade the performance of systems; deprive an authorized Montana Tech user access to a Montana Tech resource; obtain extra resources, beyond those allocated; circumvent Montana Tech computer security measures or gain access to a Montana Tech system for which proper authorization has not been given.
  10. Electronic communication facilities (such as Email, public folders, chat, instant messaging or Web) are for authorized use only. Fraudulent, harassing or obscene messages and/or materials shall not be sent from, to or stored on Montana Tech systems.
  11. Users shall not download, install or run security programs or utilities that reveal weaknesses in the security of a system. For example, Montana Tech users shall not run password-cracking programs on Montana Technological University computing systems or networks.

Any noncompliance with these requirements will constitute a security violation and will be reported to the management of Montana Tech and will result in short-term or permanent loss of access to Montana Technological University computing systems and networks. Serious violations may result in civil or criminal prosecution.

I have read and understand the Montana Technological University computing systems Use Ethics Statement for use of the Montana Tech computing facility and agree to abide by it.