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Unifyed Connect is a real-time messaging platform that connects you to your students, faculties, and co-workers. Connect lets everyone work together to complete tasks and get work done quickly. With this, you can communicate and collaborate instantly to share ideas, knowledge, and documents. The Connect interface overlays the standard interface, which allows users to participate in conversations while they work.
This article will show you how to view your class schedule by date and time.
It takes 24 hours after registration for your course information to be automatically pushed to the MyMTech system. If you registered longer than 24 hours ago and the course has already started, contact the I.T. Help Desk. If you have been registered more than 24 hours, check to see if you have any courses that are hidden.
This article shows you how to add/change your profile picture for the MyMtech App and edit your preferences for your profile.
The link to the Alcohol EDU, Sexual Assault Prevention, & Transit courses can be found above the course list after logging into MyMtech. If a popup blocker is being used, the page might seem to refresh when trying to access the courses. A link will appear above the course list that allows entry into the Alcohol EDU, Haven & Transit courses.
The announcements portal is a default portal on all MyMTech accounts. It provides a quick way to see reminders and get helpful tips. Each topic consists of a title, an abstract, and a body. The title and abstract are what you see in the announcements portal to begin with. Clicking on the title will open the body so that you can read the entire article.