Using Wooclap

What Is It?

Wooclap is an external learning tool that allows you to actively engage with your students by setting up real time quizzes and activities that students can answer via their phones and devices. The instructions in this article will show you how to join events and answer questions as they arise. There are many different customization possibilities that your instructor can set up so it is difficult to cover every scenario. We will show you the basics of Wooclap so when your instructor(s) create events in Wooclap you will know how to approach it.

Who Can Use It?

Montana Tech Students

Where Can I Access It?

Your instructor may provide something similar to what looks like this:

You can either scan the QR code, visit the link in a browser, or text the event ID to the phone number provided.


Answering a Question

Step 1: Once you join an event with your preferred method, you may see a question pop up which looks like this:

Select your answer then click "Submit" at the bottom.

Note: There are many different possible question types that your instructor can provide to you. This example just showcases what the multiple choice questions look like, other questions may have different ways of answering it. When in doubt, ask your instructor for help in the moment.


Step 2: If you would like to ask your instructor an anonymous question, click on the message icon in the lower right corner:

Type your question and click the "Send" icon:


Participating in a Presentation

Your instructor may choose to incorporate Wooclap questions (as shown above) with their lecture presentations. A lot of the heavy work will be handled on the instructor's end. All you have to do to participate in a presentation is to enter the event the same way you would as shown above here. You won't be able to see the presentation slides, only the questions as they come up. So your instructor will likely have to present via Zoom.


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