Subscribing to Montana Tech Calendars in Outlook

  1. Adding with Outlook Desktop 
  2. Outlook in Browser
  3. Use School Website


Academic Calendar Website:

Academic Calendar Subscribe link for Outlook: webcal://

Events calendar Website:

Events Calendar Subscribe link for Outlook: webcal://

Adding with Outlook Desktop

  1. Open Outlook for Windows and sign-in if you are not already.
  2. On the left side at the bottom look for the calendar icon in the image below and click on it.

  1. Now Right click on “My Calander”, put your mouse over “Add Calendar” and click on “From Internet”

  1. Copy the link to add the calendar you want:

Academic Calendar: webcal://

Events Calendar: webcal://

  1. Click on “Yes” to add calendar.  


       6.  Now you can hide or show the calendar with check boxes on the left.

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Outlook in Browser

  1. Go to Outlook for Montana Tech and click on the calendar icon on the left


  1. Click on “Add Calendar”


  1. Go to “Subscribe from web” and paste in the link below for which calendar you would like.

Academic: webcal://

Events: webcal://


  1. After naming it, picking a color or “Charm”, and picking the folder to add it to, hit import.

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Use School Website

  1. Click on the link of which calendar you want

Academic Calendar Website:

Events calendar Website:

  1. Find the “Subscribe” button near the top of the center content.


  1. Select “iCalender Subscribe” and the “Subscribe” button on the left bottom.

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