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Can't enter grades, Grade book is not displaying how you want, Students cannot see my course, etc.

Having trouble with your password? Need your account unlocked?

Find out if wireless service be added or improved at your location.

Report that Internet Access,, MyMtech, Moodle, Banner, OrediggerWeb,or Campus Phones are unavailable.

Allows Users to request their MFA information be changed in our system.

Tell us if someone is trying to scam you or gather information about you under false pretenses.

Use this Service to request changes to 25 Live

Issues that you cannot find in our Service Catalog

Students can evaluate an instructor. Faculty can view their evaluations.

Montana Tech Account has been Locked!

Has your account been compromised?

Registering, Alternate PINs, Entering grades, etc

Cannot see your course in MyMtech

Having trouble with email? Let us know.

Don't see what you are looking for in the service catalog?

It's time to get a new computer!

Office365 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and other services.

Submit your suggested article idea

Montana Tech's Portal System

Scheduling and calendaring software for events, conference rooms, labs, classrooms, and computer labs.

Training in Moodle related material, use of equipment, etc.

The network appears to be down for several people or on multiple devices.

Change the way your name is displayed.